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Mission for Life Wellness Program

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Mission for Life Wellness Program

The Mission for Life wellness program is a voluntary benefit that Leidos is providing as our investment in your long-term health and wellness. The program is administered according to federal rules permitting employer-sponsored wellness programs that seek to improve employee health or prevent disease, including the Americans with Disability Act of 1990, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as applicable. For more information, refer to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Notice for Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs .

Leidos, Inc. and Leidos Commercial Health have contracted with Limeade, a corporate wellness technology company, to help support employees and their spouses/domestic partners, to bring you activities and resources that help you get a clear picture of your health. For more information, contact Limeade at 1-855-238-6955 or visit the Limeade site. You can also find additional information on the Mission for Life Wellness Program page on Prism.

The benefits described apply to U.S. benefits-eligible Leidos, Inc. and Leidos Health employees, including legacy IS&GS. Please note this benefits information is not applicable to employees of Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc., Leidos Cyber, or QTC.

About the Program

The Mission for Life program is available to all benefit eligible employees and their spouse/domestic partner, if enrolled in the wellness benefit. The program supports you on your journey to your best health and well-being. By checking in on your health and completing engaging challenges, you will earn points toward great rewards. When you participate in the program, you can earn points towards achieving three levels of rewards: Inspired at 1,000 points, Passionate at 3,000 points, and United at 5,000 points.

The 2018 program will start on January 10, 2018. To start earning points towards rewards, log into the Mission for Life website starting January 10th and take your annual well-being assessment – it is required for Leidos and Leidos Health employees to reach the Inspired Level and earn any incentives.

Well-Being Assessment

The first step in the Mission for Life wellness program is to take the annual Well-Being Assessment on the Limeade dashboard. The assessment is a completely confidential health and lifestyle questionnaire covering topics such as nutrition, stress, physical activity, emotional wellness and health history. Each year you complete your assessment, you will receive a personalized report that gives you a snapshot of your overall health. It helps you identify where your health improved and/or new or existing risk factors.

The Well-Being Assessment is your gateway to earning points - you must complete it annually before you can reach Level 1 status and earn incentives.