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Enrolling for coverage

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Enrolling for Coverage

Participants must make their benefit elections within 31 days of being hired, during annual Open Enrollment periods, or after a qualified status change, when they also may make changes.

Annual Enrollment for Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts

Participants may not roll over their elections in a Health Savings Account or a Flexible Spending Account from year to year. They must re-enroll annually and elect the amount of pre-tax contributions they wish to make. If they do not re-enroll each plan year, they will not be able to participate and will have to wait until the following Open Enrollment period to re-enroll.

Participants will select from among a number of plan options prior to enrolling for coverage. The plan the participant chooses during enrollment will apply to the participant and each of his or her covered dependents and will remain in effect for the entire plan year. In the case of a qualified status change, under most circumstances, the participant will be able to change only the level of coverage (i.e., Employee Only, Family Coverage) but not change coverage options (switch from one plan to another). The participant may also choose to drop coverage. If a participant does not make an election during the Open Enrollment period, his or her current coverage choices will remain in effect for the next plan year, except for Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) elections. Employees who wish to contribute to an HSA or an FSA must re-elect each year.

When enrolling for certain plans, participants must choose a level of coverage, which indicates who will be covered for benefits:

  • Employee only;
  • Employee and spouse or registered domestic partner;
  • Employee and one or more children; or
  • Family coverage.

Levels of coverage may not be changed until the next Open Enrollment period unless the participant or dependents experience a qualified status change (see "Changing Coverage (Qualified Status Changes)" for more information).

When enrolling a spouse, registered domestic partner and/or eligible dependents, appropriate documentation, such as a marriage license, Declaration of Domestic Partnership and/or birth certificate(s) will be required of the participant.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is generally held in the fall for a coverage-effective date of January 1. Participants may enroll in, change or drop coverage. Participants should review the Open Enrollment information carefully for information about benefit changes for the following year, including changes in benefit levels and participant contribution rates.