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Employee Assistance Plan

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Employee Assistance Plan

You and your eligible dependents are eligible for the LifeMatters Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), which offers confidential, personal assessment and referral services through Empathia. The full cost of the program is paid for by Leidos.

For more information, download the Employee Assistance Plan.


It's important that you and your household have access to confidential counseling and that your right to privacy is maintained. That's why your contact with Empathia — including counseling records and services — will be kept confidential, in accordance with federal and state laws.

Empathia will not share information about your counseling with Leidos or anyone else without your written permission. The only exception is when the life or safety of an individual is seriously threatened, or if disclosure is required by law.

For more information about the 2018 program, LifeMatters, contact Empathia directly at 800-634-6433 or visit LifeMatters and enter the password "Leidos1."

Accessing the EAP

The EAP is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You may access EAP benefits by contacting Empathia directly at 800-634-6433, or you can access services online at LifeMatters to obtain an approval number. You are not required to file a claim for EAP services.

Covered Benefits

You and your dependents are each eligible for up to five telephonic or in-person counseling sessions per presenting problem per calendar year at no charge. If you or a dependent require extended mental health/substance abuse treatment, you may be eligible for benefits under your medical plan.

EAP defines a "dependent" as any natural person (other than an employee) eligible to receive benefits under the Plan. In addition, with respect to EAP services, "dependent" shall also include any person residing with an employee on a full-time basis.

EAP counselors can help you with the following:

  • Relationship counseling (marital discord, parent-child issues, etc.)
  • Emotional counseling (depression, anxiety, moodiness, etc.)
  • Financial and legal service referral assistance
  • Help in dealing with work-related stress
  • Counseling on providing care for elderly parents
  • Addiction counseling (alcohol, substance abuse, gambling, etc.)
  • Work/Life resources and referral programs for child care, education, elder care, legal assistance, identity theft and a multitude of other community services